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    August 31, 2012 by ManicShorty

    This blog is being made in light of our first vandal (ahh, who knew the day would come?) In any case, there are rules for expressing concerns in regards to a specific theory stated clearly in both the Manual of Style and the Rules and Regs. In case some of you haven't yet seen them, they're located on our front page for all to see. If you're too lazy to go look, I'll lay them out here for you.

    Comments go in the comment section, which is located at the bottom of every theory page. We keep them because we realize that not everyone will agree on a theory. We strive to keep new ideas coming in and if two individuals have differing ideas, we want those to be expressed. Please keep in mind that everyone has opinions and we should always be courteo…

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  • ManicShorty

    On our lovely Facebook page, we've decided to launch a contest to see who can give us the best Silent Hill related theories. We want users to do some serious thinking and write out their best work; a theory that is thought-provoking and completely unique. Here are some rules and guidelines to follow:

    1. Theories must be posted with a Wikia account. We'd rather not have anonymous people post for the contest.
    2. Theories must (of course) be Silent Hill related. This, of course, means that they can be related to any aspect of Silent Hill, such as the town, the characters, the monsters, or virtually anything else you can think of.
    3. Do not use an outside source's theory. While we do normally allow representation of another's theory, we would prefer origi…
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