Hello everyone it's come to my attention that there seems to be some confusion over editing and creating theories.

Now when creating theories make sure to read the Manual of Style, since a good few of you are not adding the correct headers, footers and not organising the content correctly. Hopefully it should be easy to understand, but if you have any issues at all, don't forget you can contact me, and I will respond as soon as I can. (Don't worry I don't bite :D)

But one of the main elements that has come to my attention ever since the Theories wiki was created is users adding/removing content from other users theories. Now if you read the Ruleset, one of the rules states...

"While editing another user's theory is not necessarily encouraged, it is useful in terms of grammar and spelling. Use edit summaries and always include what was changed and why. It helps everyone understand the reasoning behind the edit. If further explanation is required, take it to talk."

"Do not edit the content of a theory, such as taking information out, adding information, confirming, or debunking a theory. The user placed what s/he placed in the theory for a reason. If information does not seem consistent or the theory has been confirmed or debunked, please consult the theory's talk page."

The comments section has been added to each theory so users can discuss that theory, and when a consensus is drawn, the user who created it can make any necessary edits if needed. Remember a user might not agree with what you propose; hence, why that rule is in place.

Thanks for your time everbody, and happy editing!

~ Rob