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This theory uses information from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in conjunction with information from the main canonical series. Since this game isn't considered part of the main canon, be warned that some of the information used to prove this theory could be considered invalid.
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The Halo of the Sun

The local religion of Silent Hill, the Order, is a mysterious and dangerous cult that also is predominate in the nearby town of Shepherd's Glen. This theory is an insight into the possible origins of this enigmatic religion, hoping to shed some light on this mystery.


In Silent Hill's past, there most likely was a demon or another malicous entity who served as a patron deity of the local Native Americans living there, but when the settlers drove them off, the entity no longer received the sacrifices that the natives delivered it. An epidemic killed the first colonists one hundred years after they settled, this deity was probably responsible for this, although it happened one hundred years after the Natives were killed; however, it can be assumed that it has has a different perception of time. Thirty years later, Daniel R. Bryant, and a group of thirty four pioneers, crossed Toluca Lake to arrive in Silent Hill; however, he died of influenza thirteen years later. This death could have been influenced by this deity, as his efforts may have been working against it.

One hundred and seventy years later the Order is formed. The entity or one of it's servants such as Valtiel may have communicated and influenced one or more of the future founders in person or visions. Later they searched for artifacts as proof for their visions to prove the deity's existence. They incorporated many of the beliefs of the original worshipers, which is likely because of the reasons previously stated. The visions may have instilled insanity in the recipients of their imagery. This created the more vicious and violent aspects of the Order, and the ideals of this so-called "God".

God is probably an entity on another plain of existence, much like Cthulhu in it's desires to destroy humanity and it's ability to cause cronic insanity. It may be a monster from a parallel universe like the Otherworld. Possibly, where imagination directly influences reality. Or an Alien from outer space, The existence of extra-terrestrial life has been confirmed in the Silent Hill universe. This however, is probably less likely than the previously stated theories.

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