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We have a reason to believe that these Native Americans lived in the caverns

Much is not known of these Native Americans that used to inhabit the area that is now Silent Hill. This is a shame because there are reasons to believe that, like the Mayan, they were very advanced for their time from the many artifacts that the Silent Hill Historical Society has found. But to no avail, there is no solid proof to show the world of what their culture was like. Oddly enough, there is a grand tomb that archaeologists have found in the Devil's Pit [Kwekwaxawe Kanesda] of a late chief. Scientists have extracted DNA from this well preserved mummy have discovered that some people today have this ancient blood within them. Many of the Native American groups that were close to the original site have been found to have some of the same race as the late chief himself. Could this mean that not all of the Natives died? It is believed that some of the Silent Hill Native Americans survived this great downfall and found refuge with other tribes.

Most of the living relatives of these people but all are very old, some even living in hospitals or nursing homes. However, there is one young lady who is healthy but declines all offers to help out with her lost and forgotten culture.

"No, it's just bad luck. I'm not going back to Silent Hill. I'm afraid that I may end up like my late ancestors." [anon]