Unconfirmed Theory Author: LexCSC


The Mannequin Monster

This theory has the objective to explain the meaning of Mannequin Monster, that appears in Silent Hill: Revelation


It is possible that the Mannequin Monster is part of Alessa Gillespie that wants company, since everyone treats her with disdain and fear. This can be supported by the beast having a tendency to "feed" itself with the heads of humans, whom it turns into mannequins. As seen in the film, the mannequins are made of porcelain- this could be symbolic of perfection. Both of the Silent Hill films make it very clear that the real Alessa felt much dejection and hatred, and porcelain dolls and/or mannequins are typically called "perfect" models. Morphing a human being into a porcelain object could be Alessa's endeavor to chase the state of being impeccable, especially after being seen as so contemptible all her life. The multiple facial expressions may also hint towards the various emotions Alessa faced.

Its appearance might mean that Alessa feels used and aimless like mannequins at the store-front, showing to people the clothing in sale while a mannequin itself is hollow and empty of any true use. The Splitworm beast within the mannequin's head may easily represent Alessa Gillespie's anger and spite for the world who treated her so heartlessly.

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