Unconfirmed Theory Author: Ozzkat


Heather using the hanger

In Silent Hill 3, it occurs early in the game that Heather Mason discovers a coat hanger that she must dissemble and use as a means for reaching the ladder that will lead her to a boss fight with the Split Worm. At first glance this appears to merely be a very simplistic puzzle, but upon closer inspection, this hanger could easily become a highly symbolic item that attaches itself to a running theme of the game.


The theme of maternity is a heavy focus in the game (although distorted to be more grotesque), and when it is later revealed to Heather that she carries the fetus of God, she is purely disgusted and is only further fueled to cease the Order's goal. This could be associated with abortion, due to Heather's unquestionable irate at learning how she was dragged into Claudia Wolf's plans to bring about Paradise. Wire hangers such as the one Heather discovers are still used (now illegally) today as crude, self-induced abortion devices, although far less frequently today and typically in less-fortunate countries. But no matter what country, hangers and their hideous role in purposeful abortions has almost made the two things synonymous. In the game, this possibility is especially supported by the fact that the hanger is found in the women's clothing store.

Another, although more mild, possible support of this theory is Heather's comment when finding the ladder out of her reach: "If only I had something long to snag it..." A straightened hanger is used in a self-induced abortion via inserting it into the uterus to actually pull out a fetus, or damage it to the point of internal death. This creates a reaching analogy, deep within the context.

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