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The promotional poster and the cover to the first film

The film of Silent Hill has raised several questions.


This ending of Silent Hill left a large amount of questions unanswered. With Silent Hill: Revelation 3D soon to be released, it is no doubt confusing as to how the ending of the first movie will tie in, if at all. As Rose Da Silva and her adopted daughter Sharon Da Silva leave the town of Silent Hill, it is apparent that there is something strange about Sharon. She doesn't react to what she's seen or finally being reunited with her mother the way a normal nine-year-old would. Shortly before they are allowed to leave, Rose has Sharon on the ground, telling her to close her eyes. Sharon does not and subsequently sees Dark Alessa staring directly at her before seemingly fainting. Sharon was "corrupted" by Dark Alessa. Essentially, Dark Alessa (Alessa Gillespie's evil side) and Sharon (Alessa's goodness) reunite to bring Alessa back and she is allowed to live out her days as a normal girl with Rose.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is almost a direct adaptation of Silent Hill 3. The game's beginning starts from the ending of Silent Hill 1. Harry Mason leaves the town with a baby (Heather Mason), then the sequel is Heather's story. While this element remains true in the movie, how Heather came to be with her father is deep within a grey area. As in with the ending of the first Silent Hill, the two halves of Alessa formed a new baby, and sent back to Christopher Da Silva, who had taken such good care of Sharon previously, leading to the events of Revelations.

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