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Room 209

This is a theory into the whispers that James Sunderland hears in room 209 of the Blue Creek Apartments in Silent Hill 2. Unfortunately it is hard to make out the last few seconds of the audio effect, so this theory will only speculate on what can be heard clearly.


Blue Creek Apartments Room 209 Whisper

Blue Creek Apartments Room 209 Whisper

Whispers heard in room 209

After viewing the video it seems like the following can be heard:

"See my dead wife, come home to do some laundry to escape...."

This whisper is a repressed thought from his past, almost a check-list. Even though it mentions dead wife that doesn't necessary imply that his wife, Mary Sunderland, is actually deceased. Saying somebody is dead can also mean somebody who is alive, but a ghost of their past self.

This means that it's an audible flashback set before the events of Silent Hill 2 when Mary was still alive. Therefore the line, See my dead wife is an indication of James going to visit Mary in hospital. He refers to her as 'dead' because of the way she would treat him when she was ill, as visits would usually cause tension between the couple, as Mary would often lash out in anger, thus she was a ghost of her past self.

The next line "....come home to do some laundry to escape" is a slang term for masturbation. For James, masturbation was a method of 'escaping' and expelling the frustration caused by his wife's illness, and because he was unable to fulfill his needs with Mary, he had to do it himself. Sexual overtones are commonplace in Silent Hill 2 so it shouldn't be ruled out before the events of the game either.

The whisper is there to serve as a reminder to James of an event in his past. What is interesting is that the whisper is very subtle, and hard to make out, implying that James hasn't fully recovered those repressed memories, and is still confused about the entire situation. The inaudible section is an indication of a memory that is still fully repressed, most likely his idea to kill his own wife.

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